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The "CB500" switching battery charger is designed for the caravan and nautical industry. It is protected against overheating and the 12V outputs are protected against short circuits and polarity reversion. 

Charging process for 12V batteries:
  • - Maximum current battery charging until the charging voltage is reached. NOTE: the charging voltage can be reached only if the battery is fully efficient.
  • - When the charging voltage is reached the battery charger continues to work at continuous voltage for 90 minutes (lead-acid batteries) or 8 hours (lead-gel batteries).
  • - Continuous voltage maintenance at 13.8 V (lead-gel batteries) or 13.5 V (lead-acid batteries).
  • - After 10 hours of maintenance the battery charger switches to the Stand-by position and charges again only if the battery voltage is lower than 13V.
  • The high frequency switching technology gives excellent performance with limited weight and dimensions.


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