Only Fiamma gives you an installation solution for virtually every eventuality – from 40 to 150cm.It is highly recommended by experts in the industry as the strongest bike carrier on the market. Delivered with patented Zoom-4-Bikes rail support that can carry up to two additional rails. Carries up to 60 Kg.
Delivered with lower fixing kits with elegant Kit Support Bar provided with screws and counter plates for more flexibility of installation.
PROThe telescopic bike carrier, the longer version of the Pro line that has a highly adjustable upper structure for better stability. The rounded tube structure is easily adjustable from 80 to 150cm in height to fit different installation requirements.
PRO MNew intermediate version of Pro series for wheelbase installation from 50 to 80cm, covering every requirement of installation with Pro and Pro C.
Telescopic and adjustable structure.
PRO CThe compact and classic bike carrier, the short version of the Pro line which is installed under the rear window whilst still allowing it to open.


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