It lowers as much as 77 cm enabling the bikes to be loaded and unloaded easily.It has a practical operating position and magnetic hooking to the handle for further operator ease of use. Shortenable crank handle to suit every type of requirement.
With its exclusive Zoom-4-bikes rail support, delivered with Extra-Large safety straps which carry up to 60 kg and safety system that avoids accidental unhooking en-route. Two versions available, for standard bikes and electrical bikes.
E-BikesCarry Bike Lift 77 E-Bike is ideal for transporting two electric bikes, it has been further strengthened to carry up to 60 kg in complete safety and with maximum ease of loading. 
Made of sturdy 35mm Ø anodised aluminium tubes and rail support base in stainless steel that guarantees absolute sturdiness. 
Perfect to lift 60 kg in complete safety.
Renewed colour, delivered as standard with black elements.
Maximum load per rail: 30 Kg.


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