The range of bike carriers for the A-frame of the Caravan.The XLA Pro and XLA Pro 200 models pivot forward allowing access to the storage compartment even when bikes are mounted (XLA model pivots forward but only when bikes are not mounted). Loading the bikes is a simple and safe operation. Standard A frame does not require drilling. Any plastic / fibre glass covers that cover the A frame need to be removed in order to fit the XLA range.
CARAVAN ACTIVEThe classic XL A Pro and XL A Pro 200 versions are joined by the new Active model, characterised by its new design and improved functionality it provides greater stability and is easier to operate.
New hooking system for easier access to the storage compartment.
Maximum maneuverability and sturdiness for minimum noise while travelling. 
- Maximum load: 60kg
- Supplied pre-assembled for quick and easy installation
- The new hooking/unhooking system of the rail support allows to operate the bike carrier from one side simplifying the operation
- Automatic rail support hooking system
CARAVAN ACTIVE E-BIKESpecial version of Caravan Active specifically designed for the transportation of two electric bicycles.
It's equipped with Rail Premium for a maximum load of 30kg per rail.
CARAVAN XL ACompact and inexpensive, fits almost all Caravan frames (including Hobby and Al-Ko).
CARAVAN XL A PROProvided with reinforced bar. Carries 2 bikes, but preset to fix the third optional rail. Smaller size for short drawbars.
CARAVAN XL A PRO 200Equipped with the external rail in two pieces to grant maximum possibility of installation and use. Smaller size for short drawbars.
CARAVAN XL A PRO 200 E-BIKENew special version specifically designed for the transport of two electric bicycles. It fits all A-frame. Reinforced structure for maximum safety.


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