The moto carrier range for the garage facility of your motorhome.Different moto-carrier systems, ideal to be installed in motorhomes with garage facilities.
Some models are suitable for minivans or for the door of the motorhome. We suggest to always verify the usable height of your garage before purchasing the product.
CARRY-MOTOMotor-bike carrier in galvanized aluminium consisting of a rail and a chute which slides in easily, to connect with the rail to facilitate the loading of the motorbike.
Supplied with 2 sturdy straps to fix the motorbike while travelling.
CARRY-MOTO PROCarry-Moto system in galvanized aluminium composed of 2 telescopic rails equipped with anti-slip device. It can easily be fixed inside the garage thanks to the fixing feet which are adjustable in height from 8cm to 11cm. Consists of a rail fixed on the floor of the garage and a chute which slides easily inside the fixed rail. The rail is supplied with 2 straps to fix the motorbike while travelling.
CARRY-RAMPMotorbike ramp in galvanized aluminium that can be installed in the doorway of your motorhome or on the floor of the garage facility. Once the fixed plate is installed on the floor the ramp can be easily hooked and unhooked. The rail can reach a length of 175cm through the telescopic slide. With 2 pieces of Carry-Ramp you can create a system of ramps for loading scooters and wheelchairs. The 2 ramps hold up to 130kg, do not load wheelchairs when occupied.
MOTO WHEEL CHOCKThe wheel chock for your motorbike is the ideal complement for the Carry-Ramp. Made of painted black steel. 
Moto Wheel Chock Front: easy to assemble and remove thanks to the 4 screw anchor holes. Complete with kit for fixing to wood floors and two click strips.
Moto Wheel Chock Rear: easy to assemble and to remove thanks to the quick removable knobs. Delivered as standard with rails for floor fixing.


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